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chris brown + the grammys

14 Feb


{chris brown with his grammy award}

This year’s Grammy Awards marked many things for r&b singer Chris Brown. Not only did he take the award for best r&b album, but he also performed two separate times throughout the broadcast. One thing the star-studded show failed to mention, however, is that this year’s Grammys also marked three years since Chris Brown’s infamous beating of then-girlfriend Rihanna on the night of the awards. He ultimately plead guilty to felony assault for the attack.

The Grammy’s choice to welcome Chris Brown back to their stage in such an exuberant way begs the question: Have we forgiven Chris Brown?

I, for one, have not. Although I do believe in second chances, I question the message that the producers chose to send to young viewers and fans of Brown worldwide by celebrating the singer so warmly with no mention of what happened just three years ago. Is this the music industry’s version of saying it’s okay to be abusive as long as you can entertain?

Though Brown has not had any similar incidents since, I find it inappropriate to broadcast a message that says that his actions are okay or that we have moved on. Yes, the show is about entertainment, not about a moral display. However, there is no reason that the two can’t mix a little bit more appropriately than this. This was a blatant choice to show the awards’ producers that this behavior will be tolerated so long as you still put on an entertaining show, and not an ounce of me agrees.

What do you think about their decision to bring Brown back into the show?

{note: chris brown image found online}


blurred edges

13 Feb


{giant cookie made by a friend and me}


{a blue empire state building after the giants super bowl win}


{rihanna and gwenyth paltrow in amazing black dresses at the grammys}

So i know the pictures above may come off as pretty random… Amd that’s exactly the point.

Reflecting on the past few days and the recent success I’ve been lucky enough to have with this blog (thank you), I began to realize that my stories may be a little bit tough to link together. However, that’s just the way my life and my passions seem to be these days. A brief outline of my recent activities may help you to understand how all of these factors come into play:

Thursday, I spent the day at another photo shoot for one of my two internships. I came to work at the other one on Friday where all day was spent talking about (and doing tasks related to) music and a variety of artists and bands. One of my best friends from college flew in for the weekend, so we spent the weekend attempting to see the very best that New York has to offer. Friday night was spent at an eclectic bar in the East Village, followed by a Saturday full of walking around and shopping in Union Square and SoHo. We then capped the freezing cold afternoon with an early dinner at Gemma at the Bowery Hotel (YUM). Later that night, we headed out to Kiss & Fly in the Meatpacking District, and all of a sudden it was Sunday afternoon and she was gone. I, of course, couldn’t let Fashion Week escape me without getting involved in some way, so I applied to help out at an event Sunday night. I was selected for the position, so Sunday night was packed full of gift bags and learning a quick who’s who of the beauty press world at the incredible Hudson Hotel.

Now I didn’t write this post simply to tell you more about myself and what I like to spend my time doing. I wrote this in an effort to explain why my posts seem to revolve around many different topics that may seem irrelevant or unrelated to each other, from fashion to music to travel to beauty to whatever else may pop into my life in between.

From here on, I hope you (continue to) enjoy it. I guess the best thing to call this would be a “lifestyle blog” because it truly is reflective of my lifestyle and the random happenings that come into play. I hope you enjoy reading, and as always, your feedback is welcome and very much appreciated!

Happy Monday!

{note: rihanna and gwenyth paltrow image via gwenyth paltrow}