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stepping out

3 Jan

{jewelry at j*fay in midtown east}

{bar 44}

Meeting up with new people at new places is nine times out of ten a win-win situation. It gives you the chance to get to know someone new in totally equally grounds, and if you’re lucky, you’ll discover a new and enticing new place. For me, it was a date night at bar 44 in NYC. As you can probably guess from the picture of the door above, the place was dark and intimate, and the perfect place for a quiet one-on-one conversation. Bar 44 also boasted a beautiful, massive fireplace that was perfectly placed to set the scene. All in all, we had some great drinks and it was the perfect was to get to know someone new! Steven Spielberg was even spotted there soon after, do obviously we made a fabulous choice.

happy monday!




not-so-hidden treasures

2 Jan







With the hype of new years winding down but vacation still in full swing, I’ve had a chance to check out some very hyped places in NYC and do some investigating of my own. I met up with a friend in the ever-appealing Union Square, and the plan was to let the city lead us where it may. Hours and many dollars down later {see: street jewels in soho} we were spent and ready for dinner. A fantastic Italian meal at local hot spot Bar Pitti lead us to dessert at Dylan’s Candy Bar, and we even made it home in time for The Bachelor.

I have to say, I love this city!


Red velvet, cookies and cream, and cookie dough mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa || An afternoon at The Strand || “street jewels” found from a vendor in SoHo || Dylan’s Candy Bar