chris brown + the grammys

14 Feb


{chris brown with his grammy award}

This year’s Grammy Awards marked many things for r&b singer Chris Brown. Not only did he take the award for best r&b album, but he also performed two separate times throughout the broadcast. One thing the star-studded show failed to mention, however, is that this year’s Grammys also marked three years since Chris Brown’s infamous beating of then-girlfriend Rihanna on the night of the awards. He ultimately plead guilty to felony assault for the attack.

The Grammy’s choice to welcome Chris Brown back to their stage in such an exuberant way begs the question: Have we forgiven Chris Brown?

I, for one, have not. Although I do believe in second chances, I question the message that the producers chose to send to young viewers and fans of Brown worldwide by celebrating the singer so warmly with no mention of what happened just three years ago. Is this the music industry’s version of saying it’s okay to be abusive as long as you can entertain?

Though Brown has not had any similar incidents since, I find it inappropriate to broadcast a message that says that his actions are okay or that we have moved on. Yes, the show is about entertainment, not about a moral display. However, there is no reason that the two can’t mix a little bit more appropriately than this. This was a blatant choice to show the awards’ producers that this behavior will be tolerated so long as you still put on an entertaining show, and not an ounce of me agrees.

What do you think about their decision to bring Brown back into the show?

{note: chris brown image found online}


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